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Our site is dedicated to The Traders Journey.... that meandering path that most traders commence upon while they learn about markets, charting, patterns, timeframes, indicators, tools, techniques and market psychology  as they strive to be one of the 10% that make it as a successful trader! 

Jaye Harris, M.S., Ed.S., trained psychotherapist, has always found the markets fascinating, but relied on brokers to manage her investments as she saw clients each day.   When the NASDAQ bubble burst, however, she lost substantial amounts as her brokers had placed her accounts on margin, and had not implemented any "stop losses" --- so  she learned that much of her account had imploded.  

This set of circumstances resulted in a driving force to learn as much about the markets as she could --- and to share that knowledge  with other traders to make sure others would never face such tragedy.  For the last approximately fifteenn years she has coached traders in trading and market psychology, in order to share information to assist traders on their journey toward success.

Our site offers free webinars,  courses, and individual coaching as well as indicators which assist the trader to more easily have a "clear vision" of the market in order to make better decisions.,

We hope you will share some time with us, see what we offer, and join our community of traders.

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